Lendmn application

Detailed Product Information

What is LendMN?

LendMN is Mongolian first “FinTech” financial services company which provides mobile application powered by AI based credit scoring that allows customers to get loan in the most convenient way without collateral and interest.


Fast & Easy 24/7

Instantly transfers a loan to customer’s bank account



Lends any amount between 50,000-1Million MNT for up to 30 days


Opportunity for repeated loan

LendMN provides a platform to get a loan ANYTIME, ANYWHERE


Collateral & Interest Free

Charges a flexible fee based on the users credit score. There are no hidden charges


Bonus Point Rewards

The Bonus Point Rewards system provides our loyal users with an opportunity to increase their loan size and decrease the loan charges/fee


No double charges

There are no hidden charges or an annual fee. Clients can use LendMN at their own convenience


Download LendMN application on your smart phone, complete the registration to check your loan allowance within seconds. Get a loan ANYTIME and ANYWHERE directly from your mobile

Available on the Appstore Get it on Google Play

Service Terms

Loan amount

From 50,000 to 1,000,000 MNT

Loan term

Up to 7, 14, 21 and 30 day

Loan fee

Loan fee will be based on your credit level (determined at registration), loan amount and loan terms.

Simple Registration

Easy registration process – requires only few steps to become our customer

1. Register

Download LendMN application from the App Store or the Play Store on your mobile phone, complete the registration to get your credit score and get your loan allowance approved.

2. Establish Contract

As part of the loan confirmation, LendMN users need to sign a one-time contract at the nearest point of our cooperating notaries.

3. One Click for Loan

Once you sign your one time contract, you will be able to get loan with just one click.


In order to become a LendMN user, you:

  • Must be a Mongolian citizen above age 18
  • Must have steady income
  • Must not have a registered non-performing loan.
  • Must own a Facebook account.
  • Must have an email address.
  • Must have an access to online banking
  • Our service is available only on smartphones. New customers must have an iPhone with IOS 8.0 or above, or Android phone with OS 4.1 or above.